Future Directions is a peer run organization that offers multiple paths of recovery including peer facilitated support groups, an arts and crafts program, and a drop-in center.  Here, our members can talk about issues that are important to them, like social, work, or coping skills.  We also have recreation areas like our fitness room, television lounge, and table games space with air hockey and ping pong.

Our staff and members creatively fashion all the group topics, like Depression During the Holidays or Living Single.  Our arts and crafts have everything from making old fashioned wood toys to painting ceramics.  We have all supplies and tools for knitting, crocheting, leather working, beading, canvas painting, and other kinds of projects.

Schedule for March 20th through March 31st, 2023

 09:00 = OPEN
 12:00 = CHECK-IN

MONDAY - March 20
01:00 = LET'S EXPLORE ART - Take a look at various styles and why they are.
02:00 = NAMI ART JOURNALING - Join NAMI Art Therapist for a couple of hours.

TUESDAY - March 21
01:00 =ADAMHS BOARD VISIT - See your art show and learn about the board.
02:00 = OHIO CITY BURRITO - Enjoy a free lunch after the ADAMHS Board trip.

WEDNESDAY - March 22
01:00 = TEMPTATIONS - Discuss how to stop the cycle of regret.
02:00 = PEER SUPPORT - Bring any difficulties and share your troubles with others.

THURSDAY - March 23
01:00 = DUAL RECOVERY - How Substance Use Disorder affects mental health.
02:00 = ICE BREAKER GAME - Pick a question out of a bowl and give an answer.

FRIDAY - March 24
01:00 = MEMBERSHIP MEETING - A space to discuss your issues with the agency.
02:00 = BINGO - The game where everyone is a winner and receives a prize!

SATURDAY - March 25
10:00 = DENINAH PAINT CLUB - Join us for a fine-art painting class.

MONDAY - March 27
01:00 = MONDAY AT THE MOVIES! - Viewer's choice!  Whatever the group wants.

TUESDAY - March 28
01:00 = GOOD GUT HEALTH - Find out about this important aspect of wellness.
02:00 = FUN FOOD FACTS - Surprising trivia about favorite foods.

WEDNESDAY - March 29
01:00 = CREATING GOOD HABITS - How to have more health and happiness.
02:00 = PEER SUPPORT - An opportunity to share with what you need help.

THURSDAY - March 30
01:00 = DEALING WITH DEPRESSION - Key tools to help with this difficult illness.
02:00 = JEOPARDY - The famous TV game show for you!  Have the right questions.

FRIDAY - March 31
01:00 = ALTERED BOOK ART JOURNAL - Start or work more on your art book.
02:00 = ALTERED BOOK ART JOURNAL - Continued!

03:00 = OPEN DISCUSSION - One-on-one time with staff available.
A non-profit mental health and peer wellness drop-in center.

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