Future Directions is a peer run organization that offers multiple paths of recovery including peer facilitated support groups, an arts and crafts program, and a drop-in center.  Here, our members can talk about issues that are important to them, like social, work, or coping skills.  We also have recreation areas like our fitness room, television lounge, and table games space with air hockey and ping pong.

Our staff and members creatively fashion all the group topics, like Depression During the Holidays or Living Single.  Our arts and crafts have everything from making old fashioned wood toys to painting ceramics.  We have all supplies and tools for knitting, crocheting, leather working, beading, canvas painting, and other kinds of projects.

Schedule for February 5th through February 16th

 09:00 = OPEN
 12:00 = CHECK-IN

MONDAY - February 5
 01:00 = STRETCHING GROUP - Learn some movement techniques to feel better.
 02:00 = PEER SUPPORT - Support others and also find some aid for yourself.

TUESDAY - February 6
 01:00 = MONTHLY GOAL GROUP - Cross off old goals and bring in new ideas.
 02:00 = AIR HOCKEY TOURNAMENT - Teams compete in one-on-one games.

WEDNESDAY - February 7
 01:00 = FINDING YOURSELF - Know who you are and what you need.
 02:00 = SMOOTHIES - Make a smoothie and learn about the benefits.

THURSDAY - February 8
 01:00 = ANIMALS - A fun informative group about animals facts!
 02:00 = NAME THAT SONG - Can you guess the song title or artist?

FRIDAY - February 9
 01:00 = PARTY DAY - Come enjoy some pizza and a fun group game!
 02:00 = APPLES TO APPLES - A fan favorite game of matching and guessing.

MONDAY - February 12
  01:00 = MONDAY AT THE MOVIES!  - "A Kind of funny Story"
  02:00 = MONDAY AT THE MOVIES!  - continued.

TUESDAY - February 13
  01:00 = THE ART OF SETTING BOUNDARIES - Learn how do this difficult task.
  02:00 = POETRY GROUP - Create, feel inspired, and be rewarded with a poem.

WEDNESDAY - February 14
  01:00 = VALENTINES' DAY PARTY - Play a themed bingo group and have fun!
  02:00 = VALENTINES' DAY PARTY - continued.

THURSDAY - February 15
  01:00 = YOU ARE NOT ALONE - Talk about your feelings related to loneliness.
  02:00 = PEER SUPPORT - Bring your concerns, struggles, joys, and triumphs!

FRIDAY - February 16
  01:00 = DENIHAN PAINT CLUB - Paint a classic work of art in this instructed class!
  02:00 = DENIHAN PAINT CLUB - continued.

 03:00 = OPEN DISCUSSION - One-on-one time with staff available.
A non-profit mental health and peer wellness drop-in center.

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